Call in the spring together

There is something deep inside you that can break the banks, make buds bloom, and set wolves howling. It tastes sweet like spring and it itches to break free.

What’s it all about?

For one night, step into a dream you didn’t even know you had.

Sometimes the universe takes care of everything. Sometimes you need an alliance of psychology, gaming, set design and theatre to create an alternate universe. No worries, though, it has champagne too.

5 ingredients to stir “it” to life.

All you need is yourselves. After all, miracles are your department. We’ll only provide you with the ideal setting where all those miracles will start. They thrive here.

Fine, show us what you’ve got

Anybody is a unique immersive hotel, where you can be truly together

What’s it like inside?
Hotel tour

How it works

Breaking down barriers one by one

Each experience has a unique storyline, archetypal roles, and six scenes that gradually ignite eros between you.

Magical world
Everyday world

Embark on a journey of transformations

After checking in, just walk to your room, grab the tablet, and press START. Things start to happen. The interior comes alive and draws you into a scene in which you as its two main characters set on their journey to the delights of the body and soul. We won’t share more, no spoilers.

The script will take about 2–5 hours to play out. You can follow our app’s directions, or you can be in control the whole time.
Whatever happens on your night, check-out is at 10am.


Each room comes with everything you need for a perfect night

  • continental bed
  • contactless check-in
  • unique gaming interface
  • props and scenery
  • air conditioning
  • adjustable LEDs
  • audiovisual system
  • minibar
  • gourmet breakfast
  • central location in Brno

Our rooms are, of course, up to a five-star standard and meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Experiences’ reviews

The stars from you shine the brightest

Everything you experience at the Anybody will remain between you and only you. But we love when you share your thoughts.

It’s a place with no boundaries whatsoever. You feel liberated and joyful with unprecedented colours and dimensions.
Veronika M. - Google - 10/2023
Veronika M., 10/2023, Google
A fresh spark of novelty in our everyday life!
Sára H. - Google - 9/2023
Sára H., 9/2023, Google
One night at your hotel was simply not enough.
Kateřina P. - Google - 6/2023
Kateřina P., 6/2023, Google
Our night at the hotel is one to remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you.
Martina Č. - Google - 8/2023
Martina Č., 8/2023, Google
With a seemingly "ordinary" questionnaire from a "newspaper", my wife and I redefined our notion of "absolute romance" after 20 years together.
Jozef M. - Google - 2/2023
Jozef M., 2/2023, Google
A hotel that will take you to another realm, let you forget about your everyday problems and give you a unique couples’ experience. An experience leading to self-discovery, understanding your partner better and strengthening the relationship. The Anybody is one of the best memories my husband and I will ever share.
Eva P. - Facebook - 10/2020
Eva P., 10/2020, Facebook
A perfect "escape from reality" for couples.
Tereza B. - Google - 2022
Tereza B., 2022, Google
The experience was so powerful that we decided this was how we would spend all our future anniversaries.
Barbora P. - Facebook - 12/2019
Barbora P., 12/2019, Facebook
The game prepared in our room was exciting, you just have to overcome your inhibitions and fully embrace your roles.
Bohdan T. - Google - 8/2023
Bohdan T., 8/2023, Google
It was my first Anybody experience and I’m thrilled.
Jan H. - Google - 9/2023
Jan H., 9/2023, Google
If you want to savour the presence of a loved one to the fullest, head straight to the Anybody.
Lin R. - Tripadvisor - 2/2020
Lin R., 2/2020, Tripadvisor
Stepping out of reality into the world of dreams, with a loved person by your side.
Lukos - Tripadvisor - 3/2020
Lukos, 3/2020, Tripadvisor
An indescribable experience that we will cherish forever…
Tereza S. - Facebook - 8/2020
Tereza S., 8/2020, Facebook
You’ll be eager to repeat the experience just as soon as your stay’s over.
Pavel Č. - Tripadvisor - 1/2020
Pavel Č., 1/2020, Tripadvisor
My husband and I got this unique experience as a gift and I am still replaying the past 24 hours in my head over and over again. It was all about us again, finally. An absolute escape from everyday reality, stereotype and boredom.
Kateřina Č. - Facebook - 7/2020
Kateřina Č., 7/2020, Facebook
My husband and I have been together for 20 years and this was the best date we’ve ever had.
Liana M. - Google - 2/2023
Liana M., 2/2023, Google
We are still processing our experience – in a positive way!
Zdena Č. - Google - 10/2023
Zdena Č., 10/2023, Google
Our initial concerns quickly vanished and we are taking home an amazing, unforgettable experience. We’re definitely planning to come back.
Eliška P. - Google - 10/2023
Eliška P., 10/2023, Google
You have to experience it for yourself.
B. S. - Google - 9/2023
B. S., 9/2023, Google
We were absolutely thrilled. We’re not exactly the "role playing" types, but once we got over our initial shyness, it was fantastic. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment and we enjoyed it immensely. The price is absolutely right with all that the room offers.
Jana B. - Google - 5/2023
Jana B., 5/2023, Google
A wholly unique and unforgettable experience that brings couples closer together, provoking new thoughts, and gifting them time in which they become the centre of each other’s universes.
Karolína P. - Tripadvisor - 2/2020
Karolína P., 2/2020, Tripadvisor
You have to try it and see for yourself; only then will you fully understand.
Lukáš B. - Google - 8/2023
Lukáš B., 8/2023, Google
I received the Anybody experience as a birthday gift and we enjoyed it immensely. The room was perfect in every way and we loved the game as well as the fact that the Anybody is in the very centre of Brno – even though Brno is in fact our city.
Tomáš H. - Google - 7/2023
Tomáš H., 7/2023, Google
It’s something you have to see. Experience. Feel. Enjoy.
Alena G. - Google - 5/2023
Alena G., 5/2023, Google
A stay at Anybody is always different and always perfect.
Blanka Ch. - Google - 8/2023
Blanka Ch., 8/2023, Google
Whether you see it as couples’ teambuilding, therapy, an unusual experience, or you and your partner just want to hide from the world for a while and enjoy a time and space devoted to just you two in a new way, this is a fantastic opportunity here.
Vladimír D. - Google - 2023
Vladimír D., 2023, Google
There is nothing more to say, just come and have an amazing evening.
Lukáš N. - Google - 2022
Lukáš N., 2022, Google
The Anybody is addictive, like a drug. We crave more, over and over again. We want to be anybody in Anybody again (at least 9 more times).
Anna P. - Facebook - 6/2023
Anna P., 6/2023, Facebook
Thanks for the opportunity to be anybody.
Lukin T. - Google - 2022
Lukin T., 2022, Google

Why you ask?

Shared experiences last forever

Presents, shmesents. You can give so much more than just things. That spark between you two, that unique experience – that is a real gift. Only you can do that, it’s yours and it will stay with you for all eternity.

A night to remember at Anybody Hotel
CZK 4 999

This includes

  • an online voucher for any room
  • a unique shared experience
  • a night in our hotel with breakfast for two
  • a welcome drink in your room

All you need to do is fill in the names and contact details, and pay by card. You will receive your voucher and all instructions by email.

Who is the lucky recipient?

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Note: A voucher does not guarantee a date

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