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Dancing tango incognito

Inspired by the film Last Tango in Paris

The two of you play the lead roles

Do you think you’re passionate? Close your eyes. You’re in the most passionate city of all, in a room overlooking the hot Parisian rooftops. Tango music is playing on an old gramophone. How did you get there? You got stuck in an elevator and found out that you couldn’t live without each other. Was it a random chance? Or fate? The crazy journey to passion and adventure asks no questions. Two strangers who’ve just met. Are you ready for a date with Fate? All you need to do is tap one button on the tablet and the whole room will come to life to tell your new shared story.

Your stage and props

A room with its own metro and an antique elevator cabin will treat you to a four-and-a-half square metre continental bed, a minibar with drinks prepared by our very own “Lidi z Baru” cocktail bar crew, tablet-controlled light and sound scenes and air conditioning. Breakfast for two is included and you can enjoy it in any of the rich selection of nearby establishments (Elsner Bistro, Momenta Cafe, Cosmopolis Cafe, Jazz cafe Podobrazy and 4Pokoje).

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