Secret charm of sin

Inspired by the film Belle de jour

Whisper in silence your boldest wish, under the candlestick is the most beautiful twilight.

The two of you play the lead roles

A secret club for the initiated, full of peculiar rituals, masks and costumes, but also wild amusements lit by neon? Just today, its doors are opening and you can peek inside, become members of the secret society and decide together how much you dare to drink from the fountain of your own desires! The magical night begins in 3, 2, 1... all you need to do is tap one button on the tablet and the game begins. All you need to do is tap one button on the tablet and the whole room will come to life to tell your new shared story.

Your stage and props

A room with a strange old confession booth, a bizarre altar and a view of a sacred temple will treat you to a four-and-a-half square metre continental bed, a minibar with drinks prepared by our very own “Lidi z Baru” cocktail bar crew, tablet-controlled light and sound scenes and air conditioning. With a pre-recorded script and thematic props, you can live out a story inspired by Belle de jour, or create one to your liking. Become someone else for one night. Simply put – be Anybody.

Book the room Secret charm of sin

The price is for 2 persons and 1 night, including breakfast.
Please contact us here to book several nights.
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Deliciuos breakfast in the morning

Breakfast for two is included and you can enjoy it in any of the rich selection of nearby establishments (Podnik, Momenta Cafe, Cosmopolis Cafe, Jazz cafe Podobrazy and 4Pokoje).