How does it all work?
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What’s included in the price displayed in the booking section? Is it for one person or for two?

The price is for the whole room, i.e. for two people and one night, including breakfast.

Can we take a child or a pet with us?

The Anybody hotel is designed to be enjoyed by two adults. You can take a child with you but we can’t provide an extra bed. Please leave your pets at home.

How big are the rooms? How many people can stay there?

The rooms at our hotel, together with the whole “Anybody Experience”, are suited primarily for couples. Their size fits this concept. The heart of every room is a luxury continental double bed with a size of 210 cm x 210 cm. You can also come alone. However, the price per night will be the same as for a couple.

What is the standard equipment of your rooms?

Superior is the new standard!
The standard equipment of the rooms at our hotel includes a 210x210 continental double bed; en suite bathroom with a rain shower or a bathtub; music and lights controlled with a tablet; a minibar with original drinks; a coffeemaker; air conditioning; and – above all – a tailor-made “game”, an immersive experience in which you can actively take part.

Is breakfast included in the price? What kind and where?

Yes, breakfast is included in the price of the room. Since we love variety and because your time at the Anybody should be fun, you can choose one of several nearby cafes to have your breakfast. Just pick one of these establishments: Podnik, 4pokoje, Café Momenta, Cosmopolis Café, Jazz café Podobrazy. You will find two breakfast vouchers in your room. All you need to do is take these with you to the establishment of your choice. There is no need for a reservation.

What is the “game” we can play in our room?

You enter the room, press the "Start" button on the tablet and the whole room lights up with an abundance of colour and comes to life through an audio story that invites you to take main roles. Just you 2 and nothing else!
Anybody "games", which are individualized for each room, are inspired by famous movies from the 1960s and are based on the principles of "role play". This means that, as guests, you can take on various roles (characters) which partially follow the mood of the film and give them your own spin. Each "game" has been tailor-made specifically for the given room by a creative team including designers, screenwriters and game specialists, and includes four different "scenes" presented in audio by professional actors. Props, room lighting, and optional activities are available for each scene. However, each one fully adapts to your needs and is more of an incentive to have fun and get your imagination going rather than a must.

Is the “game” also available in English? Is it also adapted to other than heterosexual couples?

English versions are available for all rooms. Versions designed for various genders and sexual orientations are available for every room.

What’s in the minibar?

Each minibar offers a wide selection of soft drinks like coke, tonic water or apple juice, cocktails adapted to the mood and story of the room, champagne, beer, coffee, small snacks and water.

Can we ask for extras?

The more the better! We will be very happy to have a bouquet sent in your room, in colors that you and your partner love the most, or chocolates with a flavor that is not made anywhere else. Do you want an extra bottle of bubbles, or perhaps have something prepared in the room beforehand that will remind the other person of the most beautiful moment you shared together? Write (or call) us, it will be our pleasure to help you find out how to best embellish your experience.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Standard check-in is from 2:00 p.m. - but you can come anytime after that, it’s up to you, since the experience starts at your command.
Check-out is at 10:00 a.m.
However, both can be changed; each hour outside the standard check-in and check-out times is subject to a fee of CZK 250.

How does a hotel without a receptionist work? Who should I call when I need something?

The whole booking and check-in process takes place online. For any last-minute adjustments/entering of data, you can use the digital kiosk on the ground floor of the building at Zelný trh No. 10. Any additional props for your tailor-made “Anybody Game” can be bought using self-service machines. The same is true of any special cravings for foods and drinks that aren’t available in the minibar. A 24/7 telephone service is here for you throughout your stay. Don’t hesitate to ask us for anything and about anything. The number is here.

Is there any restaurant or a wellness facility available at the hotel?

The price of a room at the Anybody includes a breakfast which you can have at any of four establishments directly on the square where the hotel is located – we hand-picked them for you. Lunch and dinner are not available at the Anybody hotel. There is a lovely bistro in the building at Zelný trh No. 10 and also a wide choice of restaurants nearby. You’ll definitely not starve here. There is no wellness facility in the hotel, but you might want to try out, for example, the Saunia establishment. It’s only a 5-minute walk from the Anybody.