20 % hotel, 80 % experience.

The Anybody hotel will offer you more than you’d expect of a designer hotel for two. We worked with the best artists, bartenders and shamans to create a place where you’ll experience something completely new.

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The hotel plays the supporting role. The lead role is yours!

Be anybody

The Anybody hotel offers an answer to the age-old question people ask themselves: what would it feel like to be someone else? In Anybody, you can become almost anyone for one night. You can fulfil your hidden desires or just have a lot of fun. From the selection of the room and its interactive equipment to the unique “game” inspired by a famous film awaiting you inside, everything leads you to an experience made just for you!

Be together

Do you want to be a Dangerous Secret Agent, a Mysterious Stranger, or someone completely different? We worked with psychologists, role playing specialists and screenwriters to create fascinating games you can enjoy in the comfort and stunning visuals of each of the rooms. We designed the experiences so that they can only be fully enjoyed by two people together. The Anybody’s purpose is to provide unique shared experiences!

Rooms from out of this world

Be Anybody! Choose your room.