Wake it up together

What you have for each other is better than anything they have in the shops. Have a Christmas interactive date.

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Our night at the hotel is one to remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you.
Martina Č. - Google - 8/2023
Martina Č., 8/2023, Google
An indescribable experience that we will cherish forever…
Tereza S. - Facebook - 8/2020
Tereza S., 8/2020, Facebook

The hotel plays the supporting role. The lead role is yours!

Anybody is an experience designed for couples. The equipment in each of the 10 rooms is loosely inspired by a cult film from the 1960s and includes the props you need to play your own game, your own story. Just walk in, press Start on the tablet and watch the audiovisual scene come to life and draw you both into the story…

  • Experiential stay
  • Continental bed
  • Brno city centre
  • Props and scenery
  • Air conditioning
  • Gourmet breakfast
  • Audiovisual system
  • Contactless check-in
  • Minibar

Rooms from out of this world

Be Anybody!